E d u c a t i o n

For every professional who wants to improve .. with training!

Stylistic excellence is created by best practice, maximum elegance and the perfect fusion of cuts and colors.

Our training is based on international professional standards and our stylistic inspiration comes from the most important successful British salons.

Technique and fashion create value for every professional who wants to improve his business through training.

Our 2021 Courses


  • 15 FEBRUARY –  Fusion Hair – SOS Color (Mauro Terrosi)
  • 14-15 MARCH – Fusion Hair – Collection P/E (Riccardo Blasi + Mauro Terrosi)
  • 11-12 APRIL – Crops and new trends (Vanessa Calabrò)
  • 19-20 SEPTEMBER – Fusion Hair – Collection A/I (Riccardo Blasi + Mauro Terrosi)
  • 3-4 OCTOBER – Skin and Hair Wellness (Mauro Terrosi)
  • 24-25 OCTOBER –  Fusion Hair – Backup Color (Mauro Terrosi)


  • 22-29 MARCH – The World of Color, Problems and Solutions (Edoardo Bottone)
  • 19-26 APRIL – Lightened, Smoothing and Permanent (Edoardo Bottone)
  • 17-24 MAY – The Basic Cuts Matched to the Crease (Edoardo Bottone)

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