If you want have fun….(you got it)

Maad‘s mission is to inspire all forms of beauty.

Our watch does not tick

mass rites. Maad marks only the time of desire.

Maad is the moment when the hairdresser gives the customer all the joy that the world of duty tears away.

Hair finally becomes paths of pleasure.

The smile of our customers is the only duty to which we give up.

Never give up on duty.


Maad … finally a new line of cosmetic products, designed and made for you …

Directly from the Australian Bush,

the precious and rare natural essences of tropical flowers and plants extractS, which combined with the technology of the Italian laboratories, satisfy all the demands of the current market.

Our ultra delicate formulas with inebriating and trendy perfumes introduce a range of complete and balanced products for skin and hair.

A lean and essential line with the right references without unnecessary products.

Maad is your choice …


“Leadership is a state of your mind”

Maad Hair - Team
Maad Hair - Mission

Maad non fa test sugli animali

Those who choose Maad take care of the environment
and everything around us.

Maad does not test any products on animals nor does it delegate this task to other entities.

The ambition is to become an example for all companies that work in the world of beauty.

Maad is aware of that environmental sustainability it is a priority for the future of our planet.